Unspoken Testimony Memoir: Secrets of a Southern Girl

  • $21.95

Unspoken Testimony is a powerful, interesting account of Joy's journey when faced with the casualties of life, marriage, and health. It is a testimony of her new found relationship in God as she went from tragedy to triumph, setback to breakthrough, and defeat to victory. But when problems arose, she wondered how could God save her life? Are all things really possible with God? How could He use a rachet mess of a person she was, crown her beauty instead of ashes to inspire others? 

The exposé translates the evidence of change, self-transformation and self-discovery, and takes you on a spiritual and not-so spiritual journey of faith, courage, and hope. The memoir identifies many issues she believes women face whether married or single but are afraid to talk about out of fear of shame, condemnation, or humiliation. It captures the essence of struggles encountered in the face of adversity as she puts an unconventional spin on fears and how to confront and overcome obstacles with the help of God; designed to help others find the courage to share their unspoken testimony.

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