Pre-Order Saved Sanctified Sophisticated T-Shirt

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***EXTRA EXTRA*** Yay!!

Saved Sanctified Sophisticated T-Shirt in glitter with rhinestone or rhinestone is now available for pre-order through Paypal. AZ residents, final prices shown is for one item and include shipping and tax. Non-Arizona residents, final price shown is for one item and include one item shipping. Please note: shipping charges subject to change based on item quantity.

Select shirt type and click Buy Now button to place an order. Only one order allowed per Shirt Type. For multiple sizes, include size and number of shirts in box. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Shirt Type
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AZ Residents:

Glitter/Rhinestone $31.67
Rhinestone $34.94

Non-AZ residents:

Glitter/Rhinestone $29.00
Rhinestone: $32.00


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