About Us

Who We Are

My name is Joy and I am the owner of Jonnay Designs. Jonnay Designs®, a faith-based t-shirt, and more company, offers a variety of products in Glendale, AZ. Our products bear God-inspired messages (nuggets) aimed to empower others. Not only to survive the world but to thrive and change the world. Each Heritage value statement on unique mugs is designed to promote the love and inclusion of a few nationalities.

We value what we create. Our work is a genuine expression of love that embraces Christ-centered values/beliefs. It is God-inspired. Our products serve as walking billboards to witness for Christ. Our desire: to uplift, inspire, and encourage others to influence the world. We aspire to share God's love with the world. 

We are passionate about what we do. Our goal is to make the world a brighter place and show the light of Jesus. Every walk of life is welcome. We endeavor to bring unique items into homes and offices to encourage daily inspiration. It's our mission.

Our Mission

At Jonnay Designs®, we are focused on providing the highest level of quality customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to exceed your expectations. We strive to create memorable products that not only captivate your attention with messages to stimulate thought and conversation, but serve as daily reminders of encouragement to enrich lives. We will do our best to motivate you to embrace your uniqueness, live your best life, and love it!

Why We Do What We Do

Today there are many groups that exist side-by-side. Many gems have been passed down from generation to generation. The goal of Jonnay Designs® is to take these gems and promote their continuance in the beliefs, norms, and practices of each group, and embrace core values across the globe.

Order with confidence. Enjoy inspirational nuggets to go, created especially for you! -JD

Joy D, Founder/Owner of Jonnay Designs LLC